How to get tibet train tickets

目前,拉萨有22条西藏列车进出 从大陆到拉萨的起点城市包括北京,上海,西宁,广州,成都,重庆和兰州。往返西藏的火车票一般可提前20天预售,但火车站有时会进行临时调整,所有这些都需要在出发时遵守火车站的规定。有几种方法可以获得您的机票。


2. Take the train first and buy a new ticket from the train attendant: If you do not have a direct ticket to Lhasa, you can also purchase the first or a few tickets in Lhasa. If you don’t have a sleeper, you can buy a ticket first. After getting on the bus, please contact the train attendant to make up the ticket or change the ticket. Signing a berth ticket, most of the train berths departing from the departure station are vacant.

3. Find a reliable local Tibet travel agency to help you book. 

How to buy a ticket after buying a ticket?

(1) The railway electronic ticket purchased with the second-generation resident ID card can be exchanged with the original second-generation resident ID card used by the passenger at the time of ticket purchase to the station ticketing window, the railway ticket sales point or the station ticket vending machine. Ticket program.

(2) The second-generation resident ID card cannot automatically read or use the valid electronic ID card other than the second-generation resident ID card to purchase the railway electronic ticket, and the original and the order number of the valid passenger ID card must be presented for purchase. For the ticket window of the station or the authorized railway ticket sales point of the railway transport enterprise, the ticket holder will enter the ID number and the order number and verify the ticket exchange procedure.