Health Cover

HealthCover :
Health Cover is a non-profit organisation working hard to bring ease to the disturbed world. As the name suggests, it provides assistance to those who are facing health issues due to the pandemic. HealthCover basically provides COVID-19 testing services, so If you are facing any of the following symptoms:

·       Fever, dry cough

·       Tiredness, aches, and pains

·       Sore throat

·       Diarrhoea, headache

·       loss of taste or smell

·       a rash on skin, or discolouration of fingers or toes

·       difficulty breathing or shortness of breath

·       chest pain or pressure

You should seek medical attention without any further delay and our team at HealthCover will diagnose your problem and suggest suitable solution to ensure your recovery. We believe that an early diagnosis of the problem can save collateral damage, so get yourself tested with us to identify the problem.

Book an appointment now and we will provide the following packages:

v With super express package, you will get the test results within 3 hours

v With express package, the test results are out within 5 hours

v With Same day package, you will get the test results on the same day

v With Next day package, the test results will be given on the next day

We work hard to bring well-being to the mankind and contribute our services in such hard times. Finding a free space to get the corona virus test can be a tricky task since the hospitals are already filled with patients suffering from the virus. We stepped in to provide another platform where 24/7 services are provided to ensure that no one goes untested.